We have a long standing approach to conducting our window cleaning business that has made us market leaders. We are already uniquely placed to deliver an unrivaled level of window cleaning service. This is because of our corporate branding and attention to detail. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the commercial, industrial, or domestic sector. We are here to help you.

Our success in the industry is built upon the business reputation we have established. Our aim is to continually strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our window cleaning procedures

  • We start by removing all the screens and storm. We hand wash both sides of the screens using a soft bristle brush and a biodegradable soap. Then we set them aside to dry.
  • Then we start washing all the storm.
  • We vacuum and clean the window tracks and sills.
  • One crew member begins cleaning the outside windows, and the other will start on the inside. We use soft strip washers and a very concentrated biodegradable solution. This will make your windows sparkle and shine. Further, this protects the glass from the harsh elements.
  • We then scrape off any paint overspray, bug marks etc.
  • Then we thoroughly scrub the window again with our strip washer.
  • After the complete window cleaning processes, we re-install all the screens and storm Then, we do an inspection to double check the windows.
  • Finally, we return your furniture and property to their original location.

Selecting Chemicals

We always comply with GECA standards when selecting chemicals for window cleaning. Further, we make sure not to over use antibacterial chemicals. This is one of the guidelines of Better Health Channel. Our chemical usage is safe all the time.

Our Staff for Window Cleaning

We employ a competent team for window cleaning. Our crew members are police cleared. And therefore, they are fully reliable. Why wait? Contact Brilliant Office Cleaning today to get excellent service.