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We are not just another cleaning company in Melbourne

Brilliant Office Cleaning believes our success depends on the value that we provide. Our primary objective is to deliver an unbeatable office cleaning service to our clients, which moves us both forward. We provide office cleaning in Melbourne CDB and almost all metropolitan suburbs in Victoria. All our office cleaners are well trained to deliver any type of commercial cleaning work for any type of business. We comply with the Victorian Health & Safety regulations and use only green cleaning products!

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Economical office cleaning in Melbourne

We provide office cleaning in Melbourne at the best prices. Our experienced staff are very fast, and therefore our prices are relatively low compared to other office cleaning services in Melbourne. We pass this benefit on to our clients. This is why we can offer the best prices for commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. Get an obligation free quote!

24/7 commercial cleaning in Melbourne

No matter what time of the day you need our service, our office cleaners provide a 24/7 service in Melbourne. We are flexible with any day and time of the week. In this way we can serve clients who have different requirements. This is one of the critical factors for our success.

Customised cleaning Solutions

Different organisations have different cleaning needs. We offer customised office cleaning solutions for our clients. In this way, we can address your exact requirements. When we identify areas in need of improvement, we discuss these with our clients and address it straight away. 

High quality cleaning work

Brilliant Office Cleaning strives for quality in everything we do! Most office cleaning services in Melbourne ignore quality, but our philosophy is different. Our primary objective is keeping our customers happy. We always conduct regular quality checks. This ensures that we provide the best service for our clients.

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Importance of using eco-friendly cleaning detergents


Eco-friendly cleaning detergents

Brilliant Office Cleaning uses only eco-friendly cleaning detergents for all commercial cleaning tasks. It is very important to identify the eco-unfriendly cleaning detergents to understand the importance of eco-friendly cleaning detergents. The eco-unfriendly cleaning detergents can have the below dangerous compounds:

The above facts indicates the reasons as to why we should not use the eco-unfriendly cleaning detergents.

Advantages of using eco-friendly cleaning products

Inappropriate chemicals could lead to deceases such as occupational asthma. The eco-friendly cleaning detergents would help you maintain a healthy working environment. Especially, it will assure the safety of your people and even pets if you have. The safe environment would help you to comply with occupational health and safety regulations too. Brilliant Office Cleaning has understood this very well and this is the reason as to why we use only green cleaning products for all commercial cleaning work. Further, our cleaning detergents have the ISO Certification too.


Covid-19 cleaning procedures

What is the Covid-19 Virus?

Before talking about the responsibilities of our cleaners, it is important to clarify what this virus is. Covid-19 is a human-transferable virus. It typically spreads via droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The droplets carry viral particles that can land on the faces of others or be inhaled. It is estimated that an infected person can infect another 400 people within 30 days, if they behave as usual.

How long will Covid-19 survive on inanimate surfaces?

The length of time that Covid-19 survives on inanimate surfaces will vary depending on factors such as the ambient temperature and humidity, and the amount of contaminated body fluid, such as respiratory droplets. In general, the Covid-19 virus is unlikely to survive once the droplets produced by coughing or sneezing have dried. The following survival times have been found by researchers:

  • In air – 3 hours
  • Paper tissues – 3 hours
  • Copper – 4 hours
  • Cardboard – 24 hours
  • Wood – 2 days
  • Cloth – 2 days
  • Stainless steel – 2-3 days
  • Polypropylene plastic – 3 days
  • Glass – 4 days
  • Paper money – 4 days
  • External area of a surgical mask – 7 days

You will find almost all of the above surfaces and items in your office. As a result, the entire cleaning industry has now changed. The traditional cleaning to “make the office environment tidy” has now changed to “make the office environment healthy”. This increases the need for cleaners to be aware of cleaning procedures required to mitigate the risk.


About Brilliant Office Cleaning

Brilliant Office Cleaning delivers services all over Victoria. The company has public liability insurance up to $20 million.

We have extensive experience in successfully delivering commercial cleaning services for many small to large organisations. We use this experience to render a high standard of cleaning services to our clients.

We consider occupational health and safety as one of our top priorities, and have organised all of our cleaning procedures to deliver a healthy and safe environment for your staff and visitors.

Brilliant Office Cleaning uses green cleaning products to deliver cleaning services. More importantly, all of our cleaning detergents are ISO Certified and our staff are well trained in the use of these cleaning products.

All of our staff members have a police clearance, and always demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and flexibility when working with our clients. Our clients highly appreciate this.

Security of their premises is important to all organisations, and different organisations enforce different security procedures. We understand this very well, and we train our cleaning teams to adhere strictly to the security procedures of each client.

  • Extensive experience

  • Public liability up to $20 M & work cover

  • Service all over Victoria

  • Occupational health & safety

  • Green cleaning products

  • Police cleared & professional staff

  • Security

Workflow & Cleaning Procedure

  • Site Inspection

    Cleaning Objectives

    The objective of the site inspection is to understand the cleaning requirements of the client. The site inspection is performed by very experienced managers, and all the cleaning objectives of the client are documented in well-formatted Cleaning Requirement Specifications.

  • Obligation Free Quote

    Accurate Cleaning Objectives

    Based on the cleaning requirements, we provide an obligation-free quote to the client. Brilliant Office Cleaning is very confident of the quality of our service, and therefore, we DO NOT require our clients to sign binding contracts.

    Obligation Free Quote

  • Security & Commencement

    Understanding the client’s security requirements and commencement of the work

    We understand the security requirements of our clients, and communicate these to our cleaning team. Generally, the client organises a short orientation session on their security requirements. Thereafter, we commence the cleaning work. A cleaning supervisor and team will be allocated to each job.

  • Quality Inspection

    Assure 100% Quality

    Our philosophy is delivering value for money for our clients. As part of this process, we ensure that our cleaning team delivers a 100% quality service to our clients. Therefore, we employ independent Quality Inspectors for regular quality inspections.

    Quality Inspection