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Brilliant Office Cleaning

Are you looking for the best cleaning service in Melbourne? Then please stop searching. You are in the right place. Since 2002, we have provided cleaning services in Melbourne, surrounding suburbs and many other areas in Victoria. We are a family-owned company and our quality, OH&S and EMS systems are certified to ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015 standards, respectively. These efficient and effective processes help us to deliver high quality services.

Since 2002, we have developed a significant client base in Melbourne. Importantly, our client base is growing rapidly.

Office Cleaning in Melbourne - Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne! 1300 799 284.

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Affordable Prices for Commercial Cleaning

Our affordable pricing structure is one of the key factors that have contributed to our success. We use advanced equipment and well-trained staff to deliver services. This enables us to deliver effective and efficient services, and we pass the benefit of this efficiency to our clients. This means that our clients can enjoy quality services at affordable rates. This has enabled us to win new clients, and has significantly contributed to our rapid growth.

Price Chart

Once a week cleaning – From 480.00 + GST per month

From 780.00 + GST per month

From 1,180.00 + GST per month

From 1,580.00 + GST per month

From  1,900.00 + GST per month

Depending on the circumstances.

Image – Cleaning Offices

Well Trained, Local and Police Cleared Staff

We understand the importance of ensuring that the knowledge of our staff is kept up to date. To achieve this, we conduct a number of staff training programs. Our employees receive training based on their job roles. This enables us to deploy our staff according to our clients’ requirements. This helps us to deliver our service efficiently and effectively. Our staff are local to the premises they clean, which significantly reduces their travelling time.

Also, it is a mandatory requirement for all our cleaners to hold valid police clearance certificates. Checking this is part of our recruitment process, and ensures that we deploy only reliable staff to service our clients.

Using Appropriate Detergents

Using appropriate detergents is an essential element in a successful office cleaning service. Our detergent selection process complies with ISO regulations, and we use only ISO certified detergents. Further, we keep Material Safety Data Sheets at our clients’ premises, as required. These effective chemical handling practices contribute to ensuring that our clients comply with their regulatory requirements.

In addition, using appropriate chemicals also ensures the health and safety of our clients’ staff and visitors, and prevents damage to furniture, carpets and other client assets.

Green Cleaning Products


Being an ISO certified company, we place a high priority on complying with all regulations. We have $20 million public liability insurance, Workcover insurance, and a Labour Hire Certificate. Our clients can confidently engage one of most reliable cleaning contractors in Victoria.

Compliance – Public Liability – Work Cover – Labour Hire

Round the Clock Service

Based on experience, we recognize that different clients have different requirements at different times. Some clients need services during office hours, while others have after-hour requirements. Further, some clients need the services a few times per day, depending on the nature of their operations. As a result, we provide services on a 24×7 basis. This enables our clients to:

  • Manage their operations effectively
  • Minimise interruptions to their normal business processes.

The Scope of Cleaning Services

We provide a customised cleaning plan for each client. As a leading commercial cleaning company in Melbourne, we understand that different companies have different requirements. Therefore, we create a customised cleaning plan for each client. This plan includes the areas to be cleaned, the detergents to be used in each area, the frequency of each cleaning task, resource requirements, etc. Listed below are the critical areas that should be included in any cleaning plan.

Scope in an Office – Main Entrance – Reception – Workstations – Office Rooms – Kitchen – Toilets

Main Entrance

The entrance needs to be clean and tidy at all times. External stake holders, such as clients, will enter through the main entrance, and a clean entrance is the first step to creating a good first impression. Cleaning tasks for entrances include removing cobwebs, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors and cleaning glass doors, etc.

Reception Area

The reception area needs to be kept clean for a number of reasons. It is the first stopping point for your clients. A clean and tidy reception area improves your chances of creating a good impression of your company. Further, in terms of occupational health and safety, all organisations should pay special attention to cleaning the reception area.

Toilets and Showers

Usually, toilets and showers quickly become dirty. We use industry standard cleaning detergents and advanced cleaning techniques to clean toilets and showers. It is also important to recognize that simply cleaning visible areas of toilet bowls is not enough. From time to time, a deep toilet cleaning is required to ensure that all areas of toilets are free of grime and germs.

Kitchens and Staff Lunch Areas

Most employees use kitchen and lunch areas, sometimes more than once a day. So, obviously, these areas need special attention. We have specifically trained our employees to correctly clean kitchens and lunch areas. In particular, the detergents used to clean these areas should be safe for everyone, including employees and visitors. In addition, the cleaning team needs to be aware that thorough clean is required for these areas.

Office Areas and Workstations

These are the areas where your employees spend most of their time. For this reason, we pay close attention to the cleanliness of these areas. We dust and wipe the desks, empty the bins and replace bin liners, vacuum the carpets, mop the floors, dust the computers, wipe the phones, etc. Our staff are trained to ensure that they do not move documents and other items on desks.

We also pay attention to filing cabinets, especially those that are kept under desks and can quickly accumulate dust. Periodic cleaning of these areas is essential to avoid health issues for office staff.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of commercial premises. We provide almost all other cleaning services required by commercial organisations. Therefore, our clients have the benefit of obtaining all their commercial cleaning under one roof. We deliver periodic commercial cleaning services, as well as one-off commercial cleaning services. The following are examples of some of these services that we provide.

Image – Commercial Cleaning work – carpet steam cleaning – widow cleaning – deep toilet cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

There are a number of reasons for organisations to steam clean carpeted areas. The most important is to mitigate the health risk. Carpet steam cleaning is a process that inserts and then extracts cleaning chemicals. This instantly kills germs and dust mites. As a result, your employees and visitors will benefit by having healthy carpeted floors. In addition, the following are some of the other benefits of carpet cleaning:

  • Enhances the lifespan of the carpet
  • Improves the air quality
  • Improves the appearance of the carpet.

Read more about carpet steam cleaning.

High Pressure Cleaning

We can provide high pressure cleaning periodically, regularly, and also as a one-off service. High-pressure washing is an important service, which removes built-up dirt from hard surfaces such as concrete, timber, tiles, steel walls, etc. Generally, high-pressure cleaning does not involve chemicals. Therefore, this cleaning process is frequently used by certain industries, such as food processing. Read more about pressure washing.

Window Cleaning

We provide window cleaning services to the Melbourne CBD and other areas within Victoria. There are two types of window cleaning. One is general window cleaning, and other is high-rise window cleaning. General window cleaning involves basic squeegee equipment, and is suitable for single storey buildings. However, high-rise window cleaning involves water-fed systems and advanced window cleaning methods.  Read more about window cleaning.

Floor Scrubbing

We provide floor scrubbing as a periodical or a one-off service. Floor scrubbing is a process that uses advanced floor scrubbing machines to remove built-up stains from hard floors, such as timber, concrete, tiles, etc. Appropriate chemicals are usually sprayed on the floor before scrubbing begins. There are many situations that require floor scrubbing. Examples include:

  • A periodic commercial cleaning process, or as part of a regular cleaning service.
  • After conducting a significant manufacturing process.
  • When a floor has dirt or substances that cannot be removed by general mopping.

You can read more about floor scrubbing.

Deep Toilet Cleaning

Regular toilet cleaning is routinely conducted by all organisations. However, to maintain a healthy working environment, periodic deep toilet cleaning is also required. We provide deep toilet cleaning as a service for existing clients and for non-regular clients as a one-off service.

The objective of deep toilet cleaning is to make sure that built-up dirt is removed from areas such as toilet walls, floors, commodes, urinals, etc. We also scrub the floors as part of our deep toilet cleaning service. Further, the toilet commodes and urinals receive focused attention during deep toilet cleaning.

Read more about deep toilet cleaning.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

We provide tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. This is a process that removes built-up dirt and stains from tiled surfaces. Generally, tiled floors and walls are cleaned on a regular basis. However, over time, there is an inevitable build-up of stains and dirt between tiles, resulting in the need for tile and grout cleaning. We use effective and safe cleaning detergents and equipment when providing this service. It should be noted that built-up dirt and grime on tiles and grout may create occupational health and safety issues for employees and visitors.

Read more about tile and grout cleaning.

Entry and exit cleaning

When a building is vacated, an end of lease cleaning must be performed. This is usually specified in the lease agreement. We offer end of lease cleaning for many organisations in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.  This cleaning includes, among other tasks:

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Deep toilet cleaning
  • Deep kitchen cleaning
  • Cleaning inside cupboards

For best results, the premises should be vacated prior to the commencement of this clean. After completion, the premises will be ready to be occupied by the next tenant. We employ a specialised cleaning team to conduct end of lease cleaning.

In some scenarios, it may necessary to move into a building even though the previous tenant has not completed the end of lease cleaning. In this situation, we can complete the same cleaning tasks listed above. This service is called an entry cleaning.

Read more about entry and exit cleaning.

Our Quality Control Procedures

We believe that quality is an important part of every task we perform for our clients. To achieve this, we have implemented a quality system in line with ISO 9001:2015 standards. This means that our quality system is very effective, and enables us to efficiently deliver our services to our clients. Our quality control system includes obtaining regular feedback from clients, and performing quality inspections.

Quality Control Management – Office and Commercial Cleaning


We have implemented a feedback process for regular cleaning services and also for larger, one-off jobs such as a builders’ clean. This enables clients to provide feedback on the effectiveness of our services, and to make us aware of improvements that can be made. Clients can also add new cleaning tasks to the scope, or modify existing tasks. In this way we ensure that we deliver high quality services to our clients.

Quality Visits

Our experienced and efficient quality inspectors visit our clients to assess the quality of our service. We schedule these quality inspections to ensure that our clients’ operations are not disturbed. All tasks within the scope are inspected, and a detailed audit report is prepared. This report is then sent to the cleaning team to address any issues that may have been discovered during the inspection.

In some cases, the quality audit report also includes feedback from the client.

Workplace Safety and Health

Being an ISO 45001:2018 certified company, we have implemented a number of measures to maintain a high level of Occupational Health and Safety. Some of these are listed below:

  • Displaying sign boards during the cleaning work, such as “Wet Floor” signs

  • Maintaining a first-aid kit

  • Keeping MSDS records on site

  • Maintaining cleaning chemical registers

  • Preparation of risk assessment documentation

Infographics – workplace safety in cleaning – MSDS-First Aid Kit – Documentation


Brilliant Office Cleaning

This is a consistent cleaning service for our business and always very helpful and courteous. They are always very responsive to out of scope cleans/additional tasks – which is fantastic again for our business

Angela Currey

Professional and Attentive to Our Cleaning

I have been working with Sam and his team for a number of years and found them to be professional and attentive to our cleaning requirements at all times. In particular, they regularly visits our premises and does a walkaround to ensure that the standards of his staff are of the highest quality and that it is being performed to our satisfaction. I would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking a quality service at a good price

Paul Abbott

Business Looking for an Office Cleaning Service

We highly recommend Brilliant Office Cleaning to any business looking for an cleaning offices. They have been cleaning a variety of buildings in our portfolio for a number of years. We highly recommend their service

Taro P

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of media that our clients use to communicate with the management of Brilliant Office Cleaning. Some of these include, but are not limited to, our fully automated mobile app, communication book, email and phone communication with the allocated supervisor.

We have effective training programmes for our staff. These programmes have been designed and implemented to enhance the level of skills of our employees at each level. All staff are required to undertake necessary training, depending on the services they deliver to clients.

We perform background checks on all staff that are recruited. This is part of our recruitment policy. Checking police clearances and experience working with children are some of the tasks in this process.

Simply all office areas that are used. Generally, this includes workstations, toilets, kitchens, staircases, offices, meeting rooms and board rooms. These are the typical areas that are usually included in general office cleaning tasks.

Areas in Operation

We deliver services in almost all the metropolitan suburbs in Victoria! The below are only the major suburbs which we are operating!

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