Floor Scrubbing

The floor scrubbing is a process of using sophisticated machines to remove dirt, grime and stains from the floor.

General vacuuming and mopping can help to keep floors clean, however, over time, grime and dirt can accumulate. This can create several problems for companies, such as an unpleasant appearance and health problems for staff. For these reasons, periodic floor scrubbing is important.

Which types of flooring can be scrubbed?

There are many types of flooring that can be scrubbed, however, carpets cannot be scrubbed. The following are common types of floors that are scrubbed periodically:

  1. Vinyl floors
  2. Tile floors
  3. Concrete floors
  4. Terrazzo floors
  5. Wooden floors
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floor scrubbing in Melbourne

The process of floor scrubbing

  1. Perform a site inspection to understand the cleaning requirements.
  2. Provide an obligation-free quote.
  3. Examine the floor and choose the right team and machinery for the job. It should be noted that a specifically trained cleaning team is required for floor scrubbing tasks.
  4. Significant stains need to be identified before starting the work. These stains need special treatment, and probably a different type of cleaning agent.
  5. Scrub the floor.
  6. Thoroughly mop the floor to remove any residual dirt.
  7. Obtain the approval of the client for the work executed.