Deep Toilet Cleaning

Toilets are regarded as high traffic areas in any business. In particular, factory and warehouse toilets can quickly become messy. General office cleaning will help to keep toilets clean, however, over time it is not possible to avoid built-up dirt and stains in some toilet areas. For this reason, periodic deep cleaning is required to remove built-up dirt in toilets.

deep toilet cleaning - floor scrubbing

The areas of toilets to be considered for deep cleaning

There are many areas in toilets that should be considered for deep cleaning. However, floors, urinals, sinks, walls, commodes and hand dryers are important areas for deep cleaning.

How to clean toilet floors

We thoroughly clean floors using scrubber machines. When it is not possible to use a scrubbing machine, we use manual cleaning techniques. The below are the images as examples for manual scrubbing.

Deep toilet cleaning - urinal cleaning deep toilet cleaning - floor cleaning

We use powerful chemicals to remove built-up stains from the internal drainage systems of urinals. This ensures that built-up calcium is removed from the internal drainage. In addition, this will also stop bad odours.

Showers and sinks also need to be cleaned using special chemicals to remove built-up stains. Our cleaning teams pay attention to corners and other areas that have built-up dirt.