What is Carpet Steam Cleaning

General vacuuming will not prevent an increasing number of carpet stains over time. Therefore, periodic carpet cleaning is required to remove stains from carpets. In addition to removing stains, this will also improve the appearance of the carpet.

Carpet steam cleaning is a process of inserting a cleaning agent into the carpet, and then removing it using suction. It is considered to be a very important periodic commercial cleaning process for any organisation.

Further, it should be noted that dark carpet stains need to be treated separately. For example, the carpet may have dark wine or coffee stains. These need to be carefully cleaned without damaging the carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning in Melbourne

The carpet steam cleaning process

  • Perform a site visit and understand the type of carpet to be cleaned.
  • Identify large or dark stains to be cleaned, and design a specific cleaning approach to remove these.
  • Provide an obligation-free quote to the client.
  • Organise the required resources.
  • Execute the carpet steam cleaning work.
  • Obtain the approval of the client for the work executed.

Carpet cleaning chemicals

A professional cleaning company will use only non-toxic chemicals to clean carpets. Using inappropriate or toxic chemicals could damage the carpet. Further, these inappropriate cleaning agents can cause health problems, such as allergies, watery eyes, skin irritations, etc.