Labelling Cleaning Detergents

At Brilliant Office Cleaning, it is a requirement to label all cleaning detergents to clearly distinguish dangerous detergents from other cleaning detergents. As a result, staff can avoid unnecessary and unexpected incidents.

Cleaning Chemical Registry

We employ a cleaning detergent registry to record all the cleaning detergents stored at our client sites. We maintain separate registries for each client. Our chemical labelling system complies with the Department of Health – Therapeutic Goods Administration procedures.

Training Staff to Follow Best Practices

We train our staff to employ best practices when handing cleaning detergents. We adhere to the Australian Department of Health Guidelines when setting up these best practices. Our training procedures are mandatory for all cleaners who provide any service for our clients.

A Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS)

Our HMIS system is comprehensive. All cleaning detergents are properly categorised based on the risk categories. When these cleaning detergents are used, our cleaners are required to consider the risk category.