Residential Cleaning

What we offer for residential cleaning

We offer high quality residential cleaning services. Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs. We use a customized residential cleaning agenda for you. And we work with you to develop this agenda. Then we follow the agenda to make your home shine.

Sometimes, we discover your home requires additional cleaning. After discussing the options with you, we can adjust our cleaning agenda to best suit your needs. This is the flexibility of our service, and helps us develop and execute the best agenda for your home. We share all our cleaning experience with you. The end result is a home that is cleaned the way you want, every time.

Safety in residential cleaning

We want to do more than just clean your house or apartment. We want your home to shine. But it should also be done safely. We want you to enjoy a healthy home environment after the cleaning. Therefore, we always conduct our work safely. That’s why we are proud on our services.

We are different from lot of other companies that use cleaning products that can aggravate health problems. We use only safe and environment-friendly cleaning products – as per GECA standards. These   chemicals will remove dirt, dust, and stains without creating any bad impacts to your health. At the same time, we do not use harmful chemicals on your property. Chemicals like bleach are harmful for carpets and fabrics, therefore, we take extra care when using these for residential cleaning.

Cleaning Standards

In 2011, Victorian Government introduced cleaning standards (latest version). These standards are also applicable to all residential cleaning. We always follow these cleaning standards. These standards govern a lot of safety and quality measures. So you can enjoy the unbeatable quality of our work.

Our Staff

We deploy well-trained and fully qualified professionals. Further, all of our crew members are policed cleared. This ensures the safety of our residential cleaning. Our crew members undergo regular training programs. This further enhances the quality of our work. Moreover, we use the best cleaning equipment. It helps us to deliver effective cleaning services.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]