Creating good first impressions

Making a good first impression will help you develop client relationships and increase sales. From the first point you approach a client, your behavior, attitude and personal presentation will affect your client’s decision to get engaged with the business.

Clean environment

The cleanness of your environment is essential to give a good first impression for the clients. It plays a vital role regarding the first impression. Further, the workplace need to be organised nicely to show that you are organised.

Meeting and greeting

Your client will make early decisions about your organisation. Some studies have revealed that the people make the first impression within 12 seconds. Based on your appearance, your body language and mannerisms, your tone of voice and facial expressions, your words, and your demeanour. The below are some useful tips for the first-impression:

  • Give a nice, warm smile.
  • Open with a sincere, friendly greeting.
  • Pay direct attention to the customer. Do not try to sell the directly.
  • Give an impression to the client that you respect to the client and try to address the client’s requirements.
  • Do not take the decision regarding the amount of potential business with the client- it doesn’t matter whether business is small is gig. The customers are always bug.

Personal presentation

Your appearance demonstrates that you respect your customer. Here are some useful personal presentation tips:

  • Don’t confuse your customer with unrelated information. Just talk only the relevant points with them.
  • Always make your eye contact with the customer.
  • You need to dress well to impress the customer.

Positive attitude

There are so many uncontrollable for any business. However, you can control your personal attitude.

Your attitude affects as to how you approach people and events. Selecting to approach potential clients confidently and positively with a helpful attitude – even when you’re exhausted, stressed or frustrated – will grow your sales performance.

It is very important to keep in mind that every business need to deal with the clients. If you trust your job is to understand and resolve the client’s problems, then you will exude a natural, helpful confidence.