What are the key elements in office cleaning and commercial cleaning?

There are so many cleaning tasks in the standard office cleaning and commercial cleaning. Further, it will depend on the nature of the office too. However, the below are the key elements of the general office cleaning tasks that a typical office will require.


Vacuuming is required for all offices, regardless of the nature of the floors. It doesn’t matter whether your floor is carpet, tiled, vinyl or a combination of these. Regular vacuuming will remove particles from the floor. In some cases, floors such as tiles and vinyl are swept instead of vacuumed. However, the objective is the same.


Office Cleaning Tasks -Mopping

Floor mopping is important for two major reasons. One is to make the floor clean and impressive. The other reason is occupational health and safety. The floor needs to be mopped with a commercial mop and mop head using an appropriate cleaning detergent in a safe manner. Further, it is important that a microfibre mop head should to be used for tiled floors.

Dusting and Wiping

Dusting and wiping surfaces are an important part of office cleaning. Appropriate commercial dusters need to be used for dusting, and disinfectants (Brilliant Office Cleaning use only GECA approved cleaning detergents) need to be used to wipe the surfaces. Further, it is important to make sure not to over-use antibacterial chemicals. This is one of the guidelines of the Better Health Channel. Moreover, It is very important to note that the cleaners should not misplace the client’s documents when performing dusting and wiping. The blind cleaning should also be a part of the dusting.

Office Cleaning - Wiping desks

Glass Cleaning

As part of the office cleaning, the team should clean the glass windows, glass doors and glass partitions. Generally, spot cleaning is performed on a periodic basis using appropriate glass cleaning detergents. Then, on a regular basis, depending on the necessity, the glass should be washed. Washing is completely different from spot cleaning. It is a detailed cleaning procedure to make the glass sparkle.