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Office Cleaning in Niddrie – Commercial Cleaning in Niddrie

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COVID-19 Update

Brilliant Office Cleaning is continuing to service our existing and potential clients. However, we have implemented a number of measures for our internal staff to mitigate the health risk. Further, we have obtained the health advice of the Australian health authorities in order to enhance our cleaning and disinfection procedures to address the current COVID-19 health risk.

What’s new: The Victorian Government has announced what to do if you test positive to COVID-19 or if you’ve been told you are a contact. Ream mor…

Office cleaning in Melbourne – COVID-Procedures

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Office Cleaning Services in Niddrie

Brilliant Office Cleaning has been providing office cleaning services in Niddrie since 2002. Consequently, we have extensive experience in the industry. Since our inception, we have formed a formidable office cleaning team that provides superior office cleaning services to businesses, not only in the Niddrie central business district, but also in urban locations in Victoria.

Why Brilliant Office Cleaning?

Our aim is to convince potential office cleaning clients that Brilliant Office Cleaning is the best in the business. It is a fact that Brilliant Office Cleaning is more than just an ordinary office cleaning service provider in Niddrie!

Beyond the theory of “satisfying customers and keeping them happy”

Although we aim to deliver superior services and put a smile on your face, we are so much more than that. Our team will dig deep and utilise our extensive expertise to not only match but also surpass your cleaning expectations.

Office Cleaning in Melbourne - Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne! 1300 799 284.

We are a highly-accomplished Niddrie office cleaning services provider, and we focus on understanding our customers’ requirements. Considering the current COVID-19 health risk, casual cleaning is now unacceptable. Instead, maintaining a healthy and safe workplace is of paramount importance for all companies. This is why the former method of ‘casual office cleaning’ has rapidly become obsolete. As a preventive measure against the pandemic, cleaning firms are now expected to provide enhanced disinfecting services. Fortunately, we have an excellent track record in this sector.

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Green Cleaning Detergents and TGA Approved Disinfectants

Aside from cleaning services, you can also depend on us for disinfecting, and we follow the Victorian Government’s directives regarding disinfectants and cleaning solutions.

Green Cleaning Products

You can rest assured that we only use green cleaning products certified by GECA. This provides an assurance that your business premises will be free of dangerous toxic chemicals after we have completed the cleaning.

GECA Approved Green Cleaning Products

TGA Approved Disinfectants

Our service includes disinfecting high-traffic areas, with all safety and health directives observed. As a precautionary measure against COVID-19, we utilise TGA certified disinfectants. This is why the disinfecting process we have in place plays a huge role in fighting the coronavirus.


A fast response is an essential factor in providing an effective regular office cleaning service. Our clients can effortlessly reach us in the following ways.

Fasts Communication

Regardless of the manner in which our clients contact us, we always respond as fast as possible.

Around the clock cleaning service

Whether day or night, Brilliant Office Cleaning is always ready to provide our service. Irrespective of the dates and times required, we are fully flexible and able to offer the service you require.

Strict Quality Control Procedures

Office Cleaning Quality Control

To guarantee our clients that our office cleaning solutions are superior, we have put in place strict quality control procedures. At Brilliant Office Cleaning, we have two major processes to ensure quality results.

Quality Inspections

We visit your premises and inspect the service our cleaners are providing. We have specialist personnel to handle these quality assessments. Most importantly, these quality assessors are impartial when checking the quality of work that our cleaners provide.

When the quality inspection has been completed, the assessor will prepare a comprehensive audit report detailing issues discovered. This audit report is then given to the cleaning supervisor, to take corrective action, if necessary. During the course of the cleaning project, we arrange regular quality inspections to maintain a superior service.

Obtaining the Feedback

Brilliant Office Cleaning has systems in place to receive client feedback, either via phone or email.

When receiving feedback, we greatly value management’s opinions regarding our service. In this way, we can discuss ways to enhance our service delivery, particularly when the contract is still in the early stages.

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety are among our top priorities, and we adhere to the regulations established by the Government of Victoria. This ensures that our personnel and every client and visitor to the premises are safe.

Occupational Health & Safety

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Since 2002, Brilliant Office Cleaning has delivered services in the Melbourne CBD and almost all metropolitan suburbs. We have $20 million public liability insurance, $1 million professional indemnity cover, $250 product liability insurance and Workcover insurance. The company is fully compliant with all labour hire regulations.

Our Team

The service is delivered by industry experts in each sector. Our team consists of competent operational staff and quality inspectors.

All staff members who are directly involved in delivering our cleaning service have a police clearance certificate. In addition, we have a strong and effective recruitment process to ensure that we employ only reliable and qualified people. Further, the right person is allocated to perform each task.

Our staff deal with our clients in a friendly and professional manner, so that our clients can view them as part of their staff.

Security and Confidentiality

Security and confidentiality of our clients’ information is very important to us. We document the client’s security and operations instructions before commencing each new job. Further, we provide this document to the client, and obtain the clients’ approval before we proceed with the work. The approved document is then sent to the cleaning team, who are trained to adhere to the client’s security requirements.









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