End of lease cleaning Services

Generally, the real estate agents or tenants get professional cleaning companies to do these types of cleaning. It is very important to understand the need for an end of lease cleaning. This is a deep cleaning performed to remove built-up dust and stains over the period. Before handing over the property for another tenant, the real estate agents or tenants get a professional cleaning company to perform these types of cleaning.

What are the components of end of lease cleaning?

Floor scrubbing, buffing, and polishing

The floor scrubbing, buffing, and polishing all are components of deep cleaning. A professional cleaning company needs to decide what cleaning procedures to be performed based on the nature of the environment.

We recently acquired a new client and we noted that there are lots of dust and stains as a result of the poor performance of the previous cleaners. We performed a very deep cleaning for one of their toilets. Below image demonstrates just an example of the floor before and after the cleaning.

End of lease cleaning melbourne

Cleaning the walls

As part of the end of lease cleaning or builders’ cleaning, wall cleaning is also performed. We performed a detailed cleaning for the client that we just mentioned above. You can see the difference of a wall before and after the cleaning.

Other tasks of Builder’s cleaning and end of lease cleaning

  • Removing paints, silicon, plasters and cements spotless from floors, windows, frames and where necessary
  • Kitchen and appliance cleaned and polished
  • Bathroom walls, floors, and toilets cleaned
  • Window cleaning – internal and external
  • Floor mopping and interior and common areas
  • Cleaning of rails balustrades external and internal
  • Rubbish removal from warehouse and offices
  • Cleaning all common area such as corridors and car parks
  • External pathways and high-pressure cleaning
  • Dust and wipe all “EXIT” signboards
  • Dust and wipe all skirting and frames