COVID Deep Cleaning (Covid Contaminated Cleaning)

Covid Deep Cleaning

When will you require to perform a COVID-19 deep clean?

A COVID-19 deep clean will be required to be performed if you have been notified that a confirmed COVID-19 case has attended the workplace. An employer may be advised by an employee that they have symptoms of COVID-19 or are a confirmed case or may be notified by the Department of Health, Victoria that a confirmed case had attended the workplace. An outbreak may be declared when there are one or more cases within the same timeframe at one location.

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Our Commitment

Government rebate

Eligible businesses can claim up to 80% of the cost of Covid Deep Cleaning. More details are published at Department of Health, Victoria website. If you are eligible, we will help you to do the documentation required by Department of Health to apply for this rebate.

Covid Deep Cleaning Eligibility Checker

Regulators’ documentations

We provide support to complete the documentation required under the regulations, following the deep cleaning.

Quick response

Brilliant Office Cleaning will organise the COVID deep cleaning to happen soon, in order to enable you to restart the premisses for normal business activities.

Our Method of Deep Covid Cleaning

We have designed the cleaning procedures in line with the guidelines provided by the Victorian Department of Health.

Cleaning methods

  • Remove all items that will prevent surfaces from being cleaned and disinfected.
  • Cleaning the identified surfaces using appropriate cleaning detergents before disinfecting, if necessary.
  • All the surfaces that were touched or suspected to be touched by the conformed/suspected case needs to be disinfected.
  • It should be noted that vacuuming will not be provided in this COVID-19 deep clean since it is not recommended by the Victorian Department of Health (studies have revealed that vacuuming can increase airborne transmission of the COVID-19 virus).

Wearing Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)

Brilliant Office Cleaning uses appropriate PPE to conduct COVID-19 deep cleaning. Further, we have trained our cleaning teams to correctly wear PPE, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Disposable coverall (elasticated hood around face and ankles, microporous material)
  • Disposable overshoe, nonslip
  • Master goggles
  • Disposable medical masks
  • High elasticity hand gloves

In this way, we ensure that we comply with the guidelines specified by the Victorian Department of Health regarding PPE.

Clinical Waste Disposal

As per the guidelines provided by the Victorian Department of Health, after a COVID-19 deep clean, all waste will be placed in yellow biohazard bags and disposed of in the clinical waste stream.

Method of application of cleaning chemicals and detergents

Spray bottles

Brilliant Office Cleaning uses spray cans to apply cleaning detergents and disinfectants to surfaces. This will be the most frequent method of applying cleaning detergents and disinfectants in this COVID-19 deep cleaning.

Electrostatic spraying and disinfection

Electrostatic spraying works by producing electrostatically charged droplets of disinfectant that adhere more easily to surfaces and optimise the disinfection process. Therefore, Brilliant Office Cleaning may use electrostatic sprayers to perform COVID-19 deep cleaning.


Fogging is a method used to apply a disinfectant under high pressure, with a droplet size less than 10 microns (dry fogging), or between 20 to 100 microns (wet, cold or ultra-low volume fogging or misting). The Victorian Department of Health does not recommend the use of fogging disinfection for COVID-19 deep clean. Therefore, Brilliant Office Cleaning will not use fogging for this COVID-19 deep cleaning.


The Department of Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia (TGA) has certified the products which are effective against Covid-19. These products are listed at TGA website. Brilliant Office Cleaning will use only TGA Approved disinfectants for disinfecting the surfaces.

COVID-19 infection control training

Brilliant Office Cleaning has a trained team to conduct COVID-19 deep cleaning. The Victorian Department of Health has mandated that all the staff involved with COVID-19 deep cleaning must complete the Covid-19 Infection Control Training.